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 claude-pricart-be-good-surf-school-treguennecI wanted to present what has motivated me to create « Begood surf school » as well as the values I'm prizing and that I'd like to share with my guests. In my childhood having the curiosity most kids have, I tried a few sports. Later windsurfing and my passion for the sea, naturally led me to become a surfer.

I surfed a lot to improve my surfing, I competed as a surfer and I travelled to find great surf. Very quickly I knew I wanted to make a living out of it to share my passion with others.

In the late 90s, in our area surfing was still considered as kind of an outcast occupation. It was a very small world, all knowing each others and all sharing the fire. There was only one structure teaching surfing: “l”ecole de surf de Bretagne de la Torche”. It is there that I started my career. After getting the required certificate, I got hired as a full time surf instructor.

The booming of surfing in the area really started in the early 2000 still, structurally everything was to be set up. Surf teaching to a larger public, mostly during summer, greatly help making the activity more popular and better accepted by the establishment locally.

To face this increased popularity of surfing and the ever growing attraction of the young to it, as well as their desire to progress, was created the first training centre, later labelled by the French Surfing Federation. This allowed some form of continuity in the development of local young surfers. They progressed quickly, enjoyed surfing more and more and some started showing some significant potential worth developing to the next level. This is how was born the “Pôle espoir Bretagne”. A structure designed to build up a high level surfing culture for young aspiring Breton surfers, aiming at making them competitive at a National level. I was the trainer of this team for 5 years.

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I really enjoyed those years. I loved supporting youngsters grow and win titles. This experience has allowed me to fine tune my teaching method to adapt to various situations, characters and age profiles.

I experimented other professional paths since, but I have now decided to return to my first love and teach surfing again.

I know that with my large experience from teaching to beginner to coaching young aspiring champions, I have a lot to offer. This is what is driving me and what I want to share with my guest at “Begood Surf School”.



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