Surf school in Tréguennec

Your teacher

“Created in 2015, BeGood Surf School is a family school for discovering surfing and progressing. The school teaches as well values ​​around the protection of the environment and natural spaces.”

The school

The school

BeGood Surf School is located 4 kilometers north of La Torche, in the small village of Tréguennec., An authentic and unspoiled town. Its beach offers ideal surfing conditions for all levels of practice.

My 20 years of experience in surf lessons allow me today to support you in your learning and / or your progress, by placing you at the center of the educational project.

Small groups of a maximum of 6 people will allow me to adapt and personalize the technical instructions and exercises for each trainee.

Surfing is not just a sport, it is also a way of life and this concept promotes learning, progression but also the transmission of values ​​which are:

Sharing, mutual aid, humility …

Becoming a surfer is also becoming a sailor. Getting to know the element, spotting the wind, the currents, knowing why there are beautiful waves today … this is also what gives all its richness and complexity to this sport.

In my opinion, educating our youth to respect and protect their immediate environment is already a good start and surfing is an excellent vector.

Protecting the play areas that are our beaches and our waves has become essential today, just like the whole of our planet

It is only natural that the partnership between Picture Organic Clothing and BeGood Surf School was set up in 2015. I would not have been able to work with a brand and promote it ethically if I did not share the values ​​it conveys. .

I would like to sincerely thank them for their support and their trust in me.

Your teacher

Your teacher

Claude Pricart

After practicing many sports, my strong attraction to the sea leads me to practice funboarding. One day, when the wind died down, I decided to take off the sail and only use the board to ride waves. From there, I would give up funboarding entirely and devote myself exclusively to surfing.

At the end of the 90s, in La Torche, surfing was still considered marginal. All the surfers knew each other and shared their passion together. It’s a time when I surf intensely to improve myself, I also compete at the regional level, and I travel the world to discover new waves.

I quickly understand that I want to make it my job in order to share my passion for surfing with as many people as possible.

After obtaining my diplomas (Hossegor in 1996), I was hired as a permanent Surf instructor. At that time, there was only one structure in Brittany that taught surfing, the Ecole de Surf de Bretagne (ESB) at La Torche. It was at this school that my professional adventure began.

The boom in surfing in Finistère began in the early 2000s thanks to surf schools which met a growing demand. Talents are emerging from this new public of surfers, but everything remains to be created to make Breton surfing credible.

A first training center was born and was quickly labeled by the French Surf Federation (FFS). Young people progress quickly, are passionate and motivated and some young hopefuls are promising. Thanks to them, the Pole Hope will be born. This high level training structure will allow young Breton surfers to become competitive at the national level.

Today, Breton surfing has nothing to be ashamed of and gives birth to champions!

It is a great pride for me to have been the coach of Pôle Espoir Bretagne for 5 years.

I liked seeing the youngsters evolve and win titles. Being a trainer at that time greatly contributed to developing my own teaching tools.

The “Begood Surf School”, created in 2015, allows me today to share my experience and skills and put them at the service of my dear trainees.

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